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Fintech Enabler

Fintech Enabler

We offer an all-in solution for our partners.
With our PSD2 license we collect bank transactions, then we enrich the transactions with an average of 95% and make extensive financial analyses.


We collect through PSD2 bank transactions from banks for and on behalf of our partners


Once bank transactions have been collected, we recognize them with an average enrichment of 95%


With enriched data we create accurate financial and/or social profiles for our partners
Data enrichment

Data enrichment

Our services convert banking transactions into usable information.

Bank transactions are quickly supplemented with recognizable counterparties, name and address data, GPS locations, income and spending categories.

"Who pays to whom, when, where and for what".

With this information we can accurately analyze our partners'‚Äč customers, so that our partners can serve their customers even better than before.
Financial analysis

Financial analysis

Enriched data is the basis for a correct financial analysis.

How solvent is your customer? Are the expenses consistent with the income?

How do they relate to national averages? What financial hick-ups are expected?

This information is used by our partners, amongst other things, to support their customers with credit applications, mortgage applications, tax returns, debt counseling, savings advice, financial planning and much more.
LinX services

LinX services

Everything starts with our Collect and Convert services to retrieve bank account information and convert the data into a standard and understandable format.

Next our Categorise and Merchants services enrich the data with categories and information about the counterparties.

Based on the enriched data, our Analysis and Profile services use the Balance, Spending, Forecast and Budget services to provide more detailed information.

About us

About us

Our years of experience starting in 1994 enables us to develop innovative and high-quality services.

We anticipate changes in the financial market and act up on it with our services.

This is how we provide our partners innovative solutions to gain insights in liquidity, solvency, spending power and more.

Interested in our services?

We empower your organization with enriched data